Improving Your Brand Awareness

Filling the Exhibition Hall


When organizers put together a show for businesses, there is a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes. They want to fill all the spaces at the show with companies that are part of the industry they are showcasing. They often target industry leaders first. Being able to say an industry leader has booked space at their exhibition will attract both potential customers and other important exhibitors. Many industries are very competitive, and industry leaders attend the important shows. This demonstrates that a show is important.

Once the industry leaders have booked their spaces, smaller competing companies are the next booking target. The organizers must walk a fine line at this point. Spaces for booths are sold to exhibitors, and even smaller companies must be kept happy. Many of them want to be near the industry leaders. Sales representatives for the organizers must satisfy these smaller exhibitors as well or their show will be less successful than planned.

New businesses in an industry want to be seen at as many shows as possible. Because they tend to have smaller marketing budgets, they are often booked around the edges of the hall. These spaces tend to be less expensive, and they receive less traffic than the central booths. Booking a booth space as early as possible is important. A small company that books as soon as space is available may be one or two aisles from the dreaded outside edges of the hall.

Show organizers have turned to the online world to keep industries up-to-date on their upcoming shows. Many web sites now give exhibitors a way to quickly book their booth space. If they want a different space, or have special needs for their booth, they can then take the time to contact the organizers over the phone.