Improving Your Brand Awareness

Creating a Manufacturer’s Exhibition


In today's world, manufacturing companies are in the middle between suppliers and customers. They take the raw materials or parts from their suppliers to produce a product. Once the product has been created, they must sell it to customers. Exhibitions for manufacturers are managed in two very different ways. Some exhibitions are for manufacturers to meet with old and new suppliers. This gives them an opportunity to learn about new supply items and chains. They can also meet with suppliers just getting into the market.

There are also manufacturers' shows for their potential buyers. Being part of this type of show gives a manufacturing company direct access to their customers. While many smaller manufacturers have a direct line to their customers, large companies often do not. They produce their goods in remote locations and generally have many different products. An exhibition for a large manufacturer is a way to break through the wall between their company and the customer.

Many exhibitions use promo girls to attract potential customers to their exhibits. These people know a bit about the product and can introduce buyers to sales representatives. More companies are turning to experiential marketing at shows and exhibitions. They want their customers to associate their product with a positive emotional experience. It helps their customers keep them in mind once they have left the exhibition. While not a guarantee of sales, companies have found they do experience sales increases from these types of events.

Hosting an exhibition for large manufacturing companies takes a lot of solid work on the part of the exhibition staff. They must be able to assist with moving booths into the hall and getting them set up. It is also their work that keeps the entire show moving smoothly. They are in charge of running the hall as well as advertising the event for potential customers in the local area.